The Shiners Return To Rock Chaffey’s Lock

So this is happening… So excited! It’s been a couple of years since we have had the opportunity to return to Chaffey’s Lock. This is a wonderful community and they always make us feel so welcome. We a are also honoured and privileged to have our good friend Ashley MacLeod-McRae joining us for this May 20 event. Can’t wait! Tickets are available through:


Greener and Dirty…

We offer up Dirty Old Town as we turn greener in our approach to St. Paddy’s 2023. Catch The Shiners live at The Glengarrian in Cornwall on March 17th from 5 to 9 PM. We recorded Dirty Old Town several years ago on a cold wintery day whilst hanging out at our friend Glenn Forrester’s house. We called Glenn up and said, how ’bout , if you’re not busy, we stop by and play some tunes. We promised food, drink and some laughs. We showed up armed with instruments, beer and a 50 pound bag of potatoes (…watch for Eric coming in the house with the potatoes!). We recorded two songs on that cold February afternoon, Ewan MacColl’s ‘Dirty Old Town’ and Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold’. Our buddy Dale Roy shot some video and helped us with the beer. Many folks recognize Dirty Old Town as a song by The Pogues, which is certainly a familiar version to us. Here’s to having fun with friends on cold winter days. Happy St. Pat’s everyone.

Wassup there, Shiners?!

Wow. It’s been a while. What’s happening? What happened? Did the Shiners stop playing music? Maybe they isolated during the pandemic and never came back outside?! Well…NONE OF THE ABOVE, folks! What did happen was we got a bit lazy with updates to our website, so this is a website post for you old-schoolers. If you follow us on the socials you probably know what’s up. In a nutshell, we’ve played a ton of gigs in the past couple of years…singles, duos, full band shows, oh my! Even smack in the middle of things, we played a virtual live Canada Day concert. Speaking of virtual, we released 4 songs that we recorded both audio and video for, from our homes, called the Social Distancing Sessions, including All Along the Watchtower (arguably one of Dylan’s best songs), You Wreck Me (our tribute to the late great Tom Petty), On the Road Again (inspiration to get back out there), and one of our originals No Darkness (our effort to shed some light on dark times). Oh, we played such a fun show at Ribfest in Cornwall this past summer that was billed as Hadrian’s Wall featuring The Shiners…it was a blast! Anyways, just checking in. We have mews coming…including NEW MUSIC. We are currently writing and demoing new original songs. As we head into Spring, we are back at the Glengarrian for St. Paddy’s 2023. We are trekking up to Chaffey’s Lock, Ontario for an exciting concert and we’re dragging along Ashley MacLeod-McRae on fiddle to empower the roots in our rock and roll. We’ll try and stay better connected folks. Thanks for listening…literally! 😉

The Shinery At The Winery

Folks, this is exciting.  We are honoured to be headlining an evening of music at the lovely, hospitable and delicious Stone Crop Acres Winery in Morrisburg, Ontario.  On a number of occasions we’ve had the pleasure of visiting this Seaway destination to enjoy some great live music and world-class wine.  We encourage you to join us on Saturday September 21st as we celebrate the amazing summer we’ve had, as we shift gears into the next colourful season.  Come early, bring a chair, grab some wine and relax…..until we hit the stage and you hit the dance floor!  Tickets are on sale now (save by purchasing advance tickets) at:

the shiners

The Keystorm Pub

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Join us Saturday October 13th in Brockville at The Keystorm Pub where we will shake, rattle and roll out the Canadiana / Roots Rock tunes at one of our favourite night spots. TheShiners hit the stage from 9:00pm – 1:00am. See you there!